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By the Artist for the Artist

 Clavel Dancewear was founded by Julia, a former ballerina whose love for the art continues through leotard design. Our pieces are made in small batches, with diligent attention to detail, and are one of a kind. All leotards are made in Boston, MA, by Julia and her helper, Jess. 

More recently, Clavel launched a scarf line inspired by the

same creative process of crafting unique color palettes. Each scarf is made by hand of the finest merino wool to provide warmth without any itch. Scarves are designed and crafted by Rebecca, Julia's mother! Thank you for supporting our

Mother + Daughter business!

leah close up.png

Fabric and Fit

For maximum comfort, all leotards have a seamless neckline and come with bust lining at no extra charge. Our blend of lycra and nylon provides breathability and a supportive stretch. Leotards are sweat wicking and have that classic leotard feel. For full coverage, pieces are made with a wide crotch and a low to medium leg line. Our sizing is on the small side, but we love all bodies, and custom sizing is available upon request! Contact us at any time at

Leotard Care Instructions

Clavel leotards feature many seams, made with the sturdiest settings and thread. That said, it's best to not pull excessively and to be gentle when putting on your leotard. Follow these instructions to make your leo last for a long time!

Hand wash, or machine wash on gentle cycle, with a mild detergent. It is important to wash with like-colors, especially for lighter color leotards. Line dry, dry flat, or machine dry with no heat (heat breaks down elasticity in fabrics). If hand washing, make sure to gently remove dripping water (without wringing). I've found it's easiest to do this by wrapping and dabbing the leotard with a dry towel. (If sportswear fabric is left soaking wet for an extended period of time, there is risk of mildew due to fabric contents.)

nazirah detail.png

Scarf Care Instructions

 Hand wash with gentle detergent, and gently squeeze to remove water before drying flat.

While these unique scarves are machine washable and dryer safe, it's best to avoid this to preserve quality. However, if soiled, put scarf in large mesh bag and machine wash on gentle cycle. Then dry flat or tumble dry on low heat. 

No dry cleaning please!

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